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Why Choose a Naturopath

A Naturopath is trained to work with the body’s natural ability to heal and to minimize adverse effects, while still treating the patient effectively. Naturopathic treatment consists of holistic modalities that address diet, lifestyle and natural remedies. Additionally, naturopaths consider the mind-body connection to be critical to a patient’s health and healing. This ensures you get the most personalised health care you deserve.

Over 20 Years Experience in Natural Health Industry

Sommer is a clinical naturopath, medical herbalist and nutritionist operating her own private practice in the beautiful bayside suburb of Sandgate, Queensland.

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Bacteria species found in our gut


% People who suffer from Fatigue


% Magnesium Deficiency in Australia

Life changing ... with the right tools you can overcome anxiety, depression, heart disease, insomnia, weight issues, IBS, hormone imbalance .... to create a new healthy life. Your genes are alive & adjustable.
Ask me how!
  • Personalised Health - the way of the future

    Understanding your genetic information is the first step in being able to address issues and 'reprogramme' your genes to work for you and potentially prevent disease, or heal conditions you're currently dealing with. In fact, your genetic destiny is not set in stone. We are marvels of adaptability and change .... you can edit & revise your genes every moment of your life and it is easier than you might imagine.

  • Upcoming Events

    Sommer will be a guest speaker, presenting at the following events:
    TOPIC: Debunking Detox Myths
    March 4th 2018 - Sandgate Health Expo
    March 18th 2018 - Self-Empowered Healing Workshops

  • Healthy and Delicious Recipes

    Health Coach look at exercise, eating, wellness and food not just as calories and weight loss, but also emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual terms. An Integrative with Nutrition Health Coach who’s providing services in area knows like state of mind, health history background, as well as sleep patterns.

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Initial Naturopathic Consultation

90 Min
  • Full case history, including attention to medically diagnosed conditions, current medicines, review of relevant tests and nail, iris and tongue analysis.

Initial Naturopathic Consultation (Child)

45 - 60 Min
  • A full case history as per adults but with time in mind for little people. Toys and soft cushions are provided with reward stickers at the end of the session.

Follow up Naturopathic Consultation (Long)

60 Min
  • This consultation is recommended for sessions requiring more time for holistic counselling, test result interpretation or program set-up

Follow up Naturopathic Consultation (Short)

30 Min
  • This consultation is suitable for sessions that require a check-in to assess , review or maintain recommended prescription and naturopathic advice.

Initial ph360 Genetic Assessment

90 Min
  • This 90 minute assessment involves set-up, assessment and specific body measurements to determine personal genetic biotype.

Follow up ph360 coaching session

60 min
  • This comprehensive session is when you get the exciting results explained about your unique genetic Biotype. Sommer will show you step-by-step specific foods, exercise and lifestyle recommendations most beneficial for you to achieve lasting wellness & vibrant energy.

Follow up ph360 Coaching Session

30 min
  • During this 30 minute session you will be coached according to your unique Biotype. We actively refer to your profile during this session to cover health and lifestyle concerns, troubleshooting, Q & A and naturopathic remedies for additional support if required.

Quick Re-Measure & Profile Update

15 Min
  • This complimentary session is exclusive for those who need to update their profile and includes a re-measure to keep on track for outstanding results. Regular updates are highly recommended - you'll see a friendly reminder when this is due (usually every 4 - 6 weeks)

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